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domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Boots And Saddle - I would do anything for You

Boots And Saddle

“Boots And Saddle”:

This particular tune has appeared in 78 form only in Argentina in Odeon 284465. I think it has been reissued on Cd somewhere but, of course, the only source for this is the Argentine Odeon pressing presented here, and, by the way, is not a master pressing, as it has the small etched matrix Nº 90541-A as opposed to the italic etched numbers that denote a master pressing. This was recorded on Dec. 21, 1935, and I don’t know the reason for this being a dub, as other decca Art Tatum records on Odeon are matrix pressings. Anyway, no matter what it’s a dub, the sound is pretty good even considering that. It’s a high quality dub, no question about it.
Boots And SaddleThe coupling of this record is “I would do Anything For You” recorded Oct. 9, 1934.
This record has a peculiarity that I mention in its commentary, so check it also.

  “I would do anything for You”:
I would do anything for YouThis tune is coupled with “Boots and Saddle” that I also comment in its section, but the thing about it is that this tune also appears on Odeon 286341-B (38388-C), a record not mentioned in Rust’s discography even in the last (2007) edition of it. Its coupling is “Indiana” (DLA 2071) recorded July 26, 1940 and for this title in fact Rust mentions this Odeon release. Well, if he received the  data about Odeon 286341 ¿why he didn’t got the data about the two sides of the record?  It’s kind of a mystery that I will let you people solve if you may. 


Art Tatum_I would Do Anything For You- Od 286341-B (38388-C).mp3 (2:38)


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